Practical information


The Summer school will take place in Hyères, at the IGESA hotel.

Le Continental
Rue Victor Basch 
83400 Hyères
Telephone: 0494126868
Fax: 0494126878
The hotel reception is open every day from 9 to 12 AM and 5 to 7 PM.
If you need to check in when the reception desk is closed, please call 0494126868 to get hold of your room key.
Entrance code 1501A
Parking code 6789A 

How to get there

From the train station:
Bus 29B, stop "Soldat Bellon” (pdf route bus 29B)
Bus 39, stop “Jean Aicard” or  “Gambetta” (nearer) (pdf route bus 39)
Taxi: 04 94 00 60 00 (if none is available at the station)

Map of midtown Hyères

From Toulon airport:
Shuttle line 63 (pdf route line 63)
Get off at the terminal station (“Joffre”)
From the stop “Joffre” to IGESA see the map here


Registration fees are the following:
150 euros for students. 
(This amount may be partially or entirely covered by your doctoral school or research group.  Please contact them for more information).
300 euros for other participants.
- CNRS staff members attend for free.  Transport for CNRS staff is covered by their regional office's training budget.

Registration fees cover accommodation for 6 nights (evening of August 30th to morning of September 5th), lunch (5 meals) and dinners (6 meals).

Drinks are not covered.  Transportation fees must be covered by participants.

For cancellations after June 27th, registration fees will not be reimbursed.


Educational format

The daily schedule is the following:

9:00-10:00: Plenary conference

10:30-12:30: Parallel workshops


14:00-16:30: continuation of the morning's workshops

16:30-18:00: free time

18:30-19:30: summary of the day's workshops (in a plenary sessions) by one or more participants

The Summer School will combine daily plenary sessions and parallel workshops.  The workshops will be based on documents on the Summer School's website provided by the moderators (available in June).

The workshops will provide an opportunity for students to present a summary of the day's workshops during a plenary session at the end of each day.

All speakers and moderators will be present for the entire 5 days and will participate in all workshops.

After the Summer School has ended, the videos of all sessions will be available on the School's website.

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